Mini Sausage Rolls

Mini Sausage Rolls

This recipe is great for party guests!Kids and adults love them and can be ready in half an hour.


  • 1 ready rolled pastry
  • 500gr of your favourite sausages
  • A bit of water


  1. For this recipe you can use either puff pastry or short crust pastry.
  2. Roll out the pastry.
  3. Cut the sausages in threes and lay them side ways across the pastry.
  4. Roll the sausages with the pastry allowing for an over-lap.
  5. Brush some water along the ages of the pastry.
  6. Cut into mini sausage rolls.
  7. Continue until either sausages or pastry are finished.
  8. For a healthier option use gluten free sausages.
  9. Enjoy!


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